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Goldratt Consulting in CiO Klub Pune Chapter conducts Seminar on TOC for Business Innovation

Goldratt Consulting joined hands with CiO Klub Pune Chapter, a leading association of CIOs of companies to organise a 1 day seminar on ‘Coming up with the next Business Innovation Breakthrough - The TOC Way’ in Pune on the 21st August 2015. 

The Seminar was attended by 100 top CIOs & business leaders from across the country along with their key team and functional heads. The seminar was addressed by Rami Goldratt, CEO, Goldratt Consulting, where he spoke on countering the challenges in innovation and introduced the attendees to business innovation process through ‘Theory of Constraints’.



Innovation does not need to be a magical act of randomness, or dependent on a single person. It can be the result of structured processes that drives engineers and managers to create the next breakthroughs. Over time markets become saturated, and products and technologies mature. It is very important for companies to continuously develop new value propositions for their markets. To assure a company’s sustenance, new value propositions must be real breakthroughs. The companies that are unable to differentiate are relegated to fighting for business based almost exclusively on price. Through TOC we aim to address this issue and provide a powerful process to stimulate good ideas, evaluate their merit, and structure the right business model to turn the idea to a growing profitable business.”

Rami Goldratt, CEO, Goldratt Consulting


The TOC Business Innovation Process is based on Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC), and has been deployed by leading companies in Japan, United States and India. The one day workshop was divided into three segments. The first segment dealt with identifying new value and its analysis along with concept designing and evaluation. The second segment dealt with translating the new value into business, identifying the right business model and its assessment. Lastly, the third segment covered the execution plan with techniques for operationalizing the development and execution.



“The one day seminar on "Business Innovation - The TOC way" was well received by the members of the CIO Klub , who turned up in good numbers along with their  Senior level partners. Goldratt Consulting along with their CEO, Mr Rami Goldratt, gave a good perspective of the approach in a very clear and concise presentation. He also covered the whole cycle, right from idea inception to Implementation, including the importance of a project management approach to the planning and execution of the solution. The overall feedback has been par excellence and the members have unanimously commented “WOW".  The other members of the Goldratt team were equally enthusiastic and motivated to make this seminar a super success. Thanks to Goldratt and team for this wonderful knowledge which they shared over- heartedly. As suggested by Goldratt we look forward to more such events in the future to get an insight into the TOC Way in other areas also.  Many of the Organizations would like to practice this approach further, and make their companies more AGILE and profitable.”

Kishore Daryanani, President, CiO Klub Pune Chapter