TOC Holistic Management JAPAN

Celebrating the first graduation of “TOC Holistic Management” course which consist of below the 6 sessions starting from April till September, 2015.

  • Session 1 Foundation
  • Session 2 Decision making (TA)
  • Session 3 Inventory Flow (DBM)
  • Session 4 Process Flow (DBR)
  • Session 5 Project Flow (CCPM)
  • Session 6 Win-Win-Win (URO)


38 qualified executives got their certifications presented by Lisa Scheinkopf a partner at Goldratt consulting with brief but warm comment on their progresses.


All the students were very proud on receiving such a big name “Goldratt” certification.


Rami Goldratt; GC CEO, delivered a special lecture on personal growth based on Eli’s book “The Choice”. 


Here are some of the student's comments:

  • Every day is the day of dropping scales from the eyes.
  • Rami’s presentation convinced me that TOC is only the tool which can eliminate the conflicts of the organizations.
  • I am confident now to communicate with my colleague “What is TOC” and “Why worth to implement TOC”
  • We believe we could make our company better for employee, for customers and for owners through implementing the learnings from this course
  • I was impressed with Yuji's closing remark. I thought I had to think more and more to defeat a blockade sense.
  • A strong stimulus was received in class mate effort and their serious posture.
  • When proposing to a customer, a definition of the value is definitely useful.
  • I thought it was important to share with employee with the injections I got by this course and the vision which indicates the value to the customer.
  • The ability of the constraint learned to decide an outcome of a company.
  • I re-recognized to be most important to return to 5 focusing steps and 4 pillars when considering injections at any time.
  • I have been realizing that TOC thinking process could also be utilized for a private life as well as company.
  • It was a very useful course. I am very happy to have comment from attendee of my company said “We like TOC”.
  • I acquired the ability to work on a problem from the front through this course. I keep learning and would like to obtain big results.
  • It was really the meaningful time for my life, I'm thanking sincerely.
  • Even if I face an unknown problem from now on, I got the power to find injection, whatever comes, I won't be afraid any more.
  • Class mates are also a valuable gift as well as TOC
  • Thank you very much Lisa and GCJ team. It was the really hard time for me, but I am sure it will be a treasure.