Process Development

Stability Without Rigidity

Processes are the backbone of every company’s operation. They are the basis of scalability. However, it is human nature to look for shortcuts. And when we use shortcuts, our processes tend to disintegrate.

At Goldratt Consulting, we enable our clients to simultaneously look after not only the growth elements of the company, but also those which provide long-tem stability.
We guide our clients to focus on the specific processes that are required to support rapid expansion and sustain a competitive edge, while protecting the company from sliding down a slippery slope.

When Developing the Right Processes, We Ask:

Which processes need to be revised or re-designed? Which need to be created? Which need to be eliminated? How do we monitor and continuously evaluate our processes?

The Strategy and Tactics Tree

This is our tool for gathering logical knowledge. It describes exactly what needs to be done and why. It supports communication & holistic synchronization within an organization, and serves as the blueprint for change.