Not Just Any Innovation, But Innovation That Matters.

The enemy of innovation is inertia.

We tend to think about how we can do better with the current resources and skills that we have, but at best this will only produce marginal results.

Real innovation, innovation that matters, is about understanding what customers really need.

At Goldratt Consulting, we use a unique methodology and tools to trigger out-of-the-box thinking in order to help our clients come up with “the next big idea”, one that is consistent with the exceptional value you need to provide your customers.

Our experience has shown us that innovation can be found in either the product or service, or/and in the way the company conducts its business. New products, new services and new business models can generate the expectation value based proposition, on which companies thrive.

Our innovation process starts from developing and refining an idea, ironing out all of the details from beginning to end, and transforming that idea into a successful, profitable new business.



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