TOC China Regional Symposium

TOC China Regional Symposium: Operations Excellence – a diving growth & stability held in Hangzhou, China.


Goldratt Consulting held the TOC China Regional Symposium on March 9 hosted by Hangxiao Co.  The conference was China’s annual TOC event.  This was attended by the Presidents of nearly 30 domestic and foreign enterprises, the general managers, directors of institutes as well as TOC consultants and representatives.

During the two-day meeting, the main discussion was on TOC applications in business innovation processes in terms of customer value. On the morning of March 9, Hangxiao chairman congratulated and shared personal knowledge and insights of TOC.  TOC leader of Hangxiao, Yao Jianfeng discussed TOC based implementations and demonstrated the results achieved at Hang Xiao Steel Building Material Co. Shi Zhijjiang, General Manager of Zhejiang Jharkhand, shared the TOC application results from Jharkhand Building Materials, a subsidiary.

During the meeting, the guests toured the Hangxiao production workshop.  For Hangxiao management, the effectiveness of the implementation of TOC is fully affirmed. The success of TOC was also seen in the case of a single director.


Mr. Rami Goldratt, CEO of Goldratt Consulting gave a detailed theory of supply chain and distribution of TOC. The following day was for in-depth explanation of TOC applications for business innovation.


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