We understand the key questions - we provide the answers.


How to differentiate the retail chain from other chains?


How to increase profitability from existing chain?


How to increase traffic to the store as well as conversion to sale, without compromising on the margins?


How to sell more with less inventory and find the right amount of choice for the customer?


How to expand the business network without reducing the ROI?


How can we create stability in the operations of the store? 


Adopting a different way to address challenges generates breakthrough results.

At Goldratt Consulting we provide the retail network operating system - Manage flow of goods from sourcing/production, through store presentation, to liquidation of slow movers:

  • Fast mover SKU supply replenishment. 
  • Dynamic Merchandise range management.
  • Slow Mover liquidation process
  • New Product Introduction process
  • Store-sales-process

Goldratt Consulting robust TOC methodologies and IT tools, implemented by business leaders with wide industry experience, provides what you need, focusing on your key constraints.

A Recent Showcase of Our Work:

Guararapes is the largest fashion group in Brazil with operation across the textile value chain – from the yarn to the financial transaction (credit cards) in the store. The largest entity in Guararapes is Lojas Riachuelo retail chain, with more than 200 stores nationwide and turnover of more than 2B$.

Lojas Riachuelo has grown massively in Brazil in the last 5 year (from 100 Stores to 200 Stores) and the expansion plan is to open another 40-50 stores each year.

"We changed our view of the world from "local optima" to a "global optimum" view, gradually reducing the obsessive concern with the efficiency of each link in the chain and putting emphasis on the stream of the system as a whole." 

Flavio Rocha
Chairman and CEO Riachuelo  


Read interview with Flavio Rocha – Chairman and CEO Riachuelo