Our Founder, Dr. Goldratt

The Sky is Not the Limit

Dr. Eli Goldratt has been proclaimed “a business management guru” and “a genius.” He was many things – an educator, a physicist, a theorist, and a visionary. For us at GC, he was our visionary father, our chairman, and above all – our mentor. Dr. Goldratt devoted his life to promoting the values and ideas we hold dear. 

We Pursue His Vision

We stand on the shoulders of this great giant and honor his legacy of making a significant change, of bringing value wherever we go, and of promoting clear thinking. 

“I use my freedom of choice. I choose to live a full life. And in order to achieve it, 
I choose to constantly devote time to really understand the causalities that govern every one of my areas of interest… what prevents you from doing the same?”
  Dr. Eli Goldratt.