Omron Healthcare corp

In more than 110 countries throughout the world, Omron Healthcare provides
healthcare products that can measure virtually any indicator of lifestyle diseases.
These products range from home-use devices such as blood pressure monitors,
digital thermometers, and body composition monitors with scale, to professional
medical equipment capable of detecting hardening of the arteries and analyzing
visceral fat.
Omron Healthcare started the Viable Vision project with GC in 2010 by focusing
on improving flow in every aspect of operation not only within the company but
 also with distributors, retailers & suppliers.
Omron Healthcare is a show case for:

  • The ability to apply TOC logistics and business methods across cultures, geographies (Japan, China, India, Europe, US…) and different suppliers and clients organization mentalities. 
  • TOC production application to improve what is considered “top performance” TPS environment. 
  • Applying TOC thinking to continue provide exceptional value in line with the DNA of   the company.


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