Celebrating the Publication of Manga The GOAL

On December 17th we announced the Publication of “The Goal Manga” in the “TOC Summit”. Attending the summit were over 300 people, sharing the world’s superior TOC body of knowledge and case studies such as : TATA steel, Riachuelo fashion retail, Omron healthcare, Mazda, TOC for mental health, TOC for IT organizations, TOC for Aerospace, TOC for business innovation.


“The Goal”- read by over ten million people, has been generating impressive and successful case studies in various fields worldwide, including Japan. This bestseller, published in 1984 never gets old.   


Using Manga technique, it is easy to understand the underlying messages of “The Goal” while enhancing the reader’s experience. “The Goal Manga” bases the character of Jonah on Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt.  Readers will feel that they are being guided by Dr. Goldratt himself. Thanks to the fantastic work of Aoki-san; script writer, Aota-san; manga artist and Kishira san the Editor, this work has been transformed into a masterpiece.  

Over 100,000 copies sold in just few days!


Feedbacks from the event:

"TOC is science indeed. If you do it, the result will come".

  • "Never exposed to such a great conference before"
  • "My motivation increased because of amazing case with logic how it is delivered"
  • "I LOVE Mazda. I will buy Mazda car as next car"
  • "TOCfE and TOC for mental health is eye’s opening"
  • "TOC’s extensive applications and amazing results are just great!"
  • "TOC makes company cheerful place for person cheerful mind"
  • "Simplified CCPM is great. It can be utilized not for project but for daily life for better flow of work"
  • "Dr. Goldratt’s video reminds us the basis of TOC where I keep on finding something new each time I see his video."
  • "Focus on flow for better and better speed in Omron is just right"
  • "Retails case studies were just great."
  • "Win-Win-Win public work is just great!  Thank you for protecting us from natural disasters"
  • "Very impressed indeed with GC’s ambitious mind to make Japan and world better throughout all presentations." 


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