MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul)

We understand the key questions - we provide the answers.


How to deal with uncertainty when reliable cycle time is critical for our clients?


How to get more business and commit to aggressive service times, without stretching the system over the limit?


How to synchronize all stakeholders - clients, internal resources, vendors?


We need special tools to buffer and mitigate the uncertainty. Adopting a different way to address challenges generates breakthrough results.

Goldratt Consulting robust TOC methodologies and IT tools, implemented by business leaders with wide industry experience, provides what you need, focusing on your key constraints.

  • Accelerate cycle time by applying TOC CCPM project management methodology.
  • Reducing iterations and increasing synchronization by applying rigorous Full Kit – Gating Strategy, and frequent Cross Team Alignment.
  • Improve vendor performanceto maintain availability of parts by holding the right buffers at the right locations, replenish based on actual consumption, and apply effective flow driven contract management.
  • Create strong value based continuous relationships with strategic clients based on remarkable performance. 

A Recent Showcase:

Lufthansa Technik is the leading provider of maintenance, repair, overhaul and modification services for civil aircraft Lufthansa Technik, has revenue of over 5 billion Euros. With 31 technical maintenance organizations operate all over the world and well over 20,000 employees looking after around 3,700 civilian aircraft.


  • Gain capacity for additional 20 flights per week
  • Aircraft capacity for line maintenance decreased by 26%
  • "A check" duration cut by 49% 



“What we see is all people are busy but still our productivity was quite low. In some cases we only managed to get some 25% of time spent at work to actual work on the aircraft”.

Intercont maintenance Frankfurt base

"Last summer which was the real first summer with low WIP in maintenance operations was the best summer in Intercont maintenance for 10 to 12 years now."

Lufthansa Technik maintenance international

"Getting away from starting on every part of the A/C that you can find, because that is what you usually do, you want to starts everywhere; on every work group, landing gear, fuselage, engines and avionics, but its more cleaver to reduce it to a certain amount of work groups because in the end you are much faster doing everything"