Accelerating flow, improving on time deliveries and productivity.


Part of the largest infrastructure engineering company in India (USD 13B), Larsen and Toubro (L&T) Heavy Engineering Division is the pioneer in Fabrication work of huge components like boilers, coal gasifiers, refrigeration units, nuclear end-shields and many more. It has in-house engineering, R&D centers and six fabrication facilities, including the biggest fabrication set-up at L&T Hazira Works.



Critical Chain Project Management is based on the hugely successful Theory of Constraints, and targets improved execution and delivery performance. Trained champions in-house continuously train project teams in the concepts and deliverables of TOC to manage optimal resource usage and prioritization of tasks.

“I wish to thank you and commend your team for the progress made in getting CCPM, based on Theory of Constraints, implemented in various divisions of heavy engineering.”


“…In terms of projects execution, starting with planning, execution, supply chain, we have done great! Lots of clarity has come, principles have been understood. The fact that you have to trust your people, the fact that you have to respect the priorities which come from the systems, the fact that Full Kit is a very meticulous preparation for the job to be done, the fact that Active Task Management (ATM) and Active Recovery Management (ARM) are very important, updations are important, are, now, all in place. These deliveries, despite probably an overload of to a factor of 2, is something to do with the disciplines that we have imbibed through our TOC planning… And it will bring tremendous benefits in the times to come. This culture is not going to go away.”

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“We improved our on time delivery performance across all the businesses all the locations. We started extending it now into new businesses, like Nuclear, Defense, which was not there earlier.” 

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