"Sailing against the Tide" JCB Implementation case study

To be presented at TOCICO Conference 2015; 6 – 9 September 2015

In year 2012 India started facing a slowdown in industrial and infrastructural projects, which impacted the entire industry producing related equipment i.e. trucks, earth moving equipment, etc.

The future was uncertain; every company was looking at possible ways to cut down costs. Exactly at that time, management of JCB decided to embark on TOC to protect business from any downfall and continue to grow. Last three years, when market shrunk, the company ensured a growth in sale, and built a strong supply chain to take bigger jumps when the market starts growing. The case study is about the journey of the company, despite all factors against the growth, how it ensured its growth. The case is of their courageous journey of ‘Sailing against the Tide’, and showing a path for others to follow.


After Market – Vehicle parts

Availability of top selling parts (666 parts) improved by 33% to be above 90%.

Inventory savings in money terms on same top selling parts of 25%.

Availability of 1053 parts (contributing to around 30% sales) reached highest record levels.



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