Generating Breakthrough Innovation – Highlights of TOC workshop

More than 50 participants from various known companies across India participated in a one day workshop on Business Innovation held in Pune in association with Tata management training center.

Over time markets become saturated, and products and technologies mature. To stay in the game, companies must continuously develop new value propositions for their markets.  To assure a company’s livelihood, new value propositions must be real breakthroughs.   The companies that are unable to differentiate are relegated to fighting for business based almost exclusively on price.

Breakthroughs are typically linked to the ingenuity of one unique entrepreneur. For example, the success of Apple is associated with its legendary founder, Steve Jobs. If we are not going to challenge this perception, we may unavoidably leave many powerful ideas for breakthrough innovation unexploited. Maybe there is no substitution to ingenuity of the one, but this does not mean there is a lack of good ideas that can yield the next breakthrough.

Innovation does not need to be a magical act of randomness, or dependent on a single person.  It can be the result of structured processes that drives engineers and managers to create the next breakthroughs.


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