Consumer Goods

We understand the key questions - we provide the answers.


How do we exploit sales of our star products and make sure we keep innovating and creating the new star products of tomorrow?


How do we ensure we do not miss opportunities for sales?


How to establish real win-win long lasting relationships with retailers and distributors to get a larger share of the business and more shelf space? 


Adopting a different way to address challenges generates breakthrough results.

Goldratt Consulting provides robust TOC methodologies and IT tools, relevant to your needs , focusing on your key constraints, implemented by business leaders with wide industry experience. 

  • Generating the next game changer products. Innovate on the product and business engagement level through value driven analysis tools, Business Model design, and high risk project management.
  • Shorten development cycle by applying TOC CCPM project management methodology – accelerating flow of projects and reducing rework.
  • Reducing surplus inventory by cutting lead times in procurement, production and logistics, moving the system to be highly responsive to actual demand. 
  • Increasing business share with retailer by establishing value deals. Breaking the silos in the chain to increase responsiveness and flexibility. Creating powerful engagement with distributors and retailers to increase product turns.

A Recent Showcase of Our Work

Health Care Products, Japan

Omron Healthcare, Inc., $800M revenue, markets and distributes medical, home healthcare and wellness products internationally. It is known for its innovative home use digital blood pressure units.

Read article in Nikkei Business Japan's leading business weekly: "Reducing delivery time: 13 weeks to 1 week"

Implemented Holistic TOC Strategy: 

  • Increased market share by providing superior service to retailers. 
  • Inventory levels decreased by 40% across the supply chain while availability maintained above 98%. 
  • Doubled capacity of production lines. 
  • Reduced NPI cycle time by 30%, dramatically improving time to market.   

"When we discussed with Dr. Goldratt, he had great sympathy with Omron’s corporate philosophy and the business development. And we realized that we had huge jump potential in our business field and that we had social responsibility" Masataka Kitagaki production strategy HQ production strategy department GM - Omron