About GC

Not Your Typical Consultancy Firm

Founded by Dr. Goldratt, as his consulting arm, we at GC have the largest roster of seasoned TOC consultants in the world. Together, Goldratt consultants have decades of experience defining the right change necessary to achieve results and we make sure our clients get them.
We have experience across a wide range of industries and all types of implementations. Working in key markets across the globe, we have the ability to deploy whatever resources are essential to support large implementations.

We have one product - Viable Vision Strategy. We commit to only one thing.
We work with you on planning and executing a plan that will improve and expand your business. Our fees are tied to your success so we have every incentive to help you succeed.

Effecting a Change

We deal with all 3 aspects of the change together: What to change? What to change to? How to cause the change? We don’t just do functional. We go holistic - synchronizing all parts of the company.



Goldratt House Bene Atarot, Israel 

Goldratt House provides an ideal setting for companies to customize a Strategy and Tactic Tree, prepare for the various stages of their implementation, and conduct the periodic audits of their implementation.