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Optional Goldratt Group Services Following the Goldratt S&T Workshop:

The consultant may decide to continue to utilize Goldratt Group's knowledge and experience periodically during the implementation. Should any of the following be desired by the consultant, Goldratt Consulting would be honored to arrange for it at any time following the Goldratt S&T Workshop. All activities would take place at Goldratt House in Israel, and be facilitated by senior TOC, S&T and Viable Vision Experts:
  1. Periodic upgrades for the company.
    • Goldratt Consulting would facilitate knowledge upgrade sessions (typically 3-5 days) for the consultant and the company's key people. The objective is to continue to deepen and broaden the knowledge and skills of the company's people and their consultant as the implementation progresses.
  2. Project Auditing.
    • Goldratt Consulting would facilitate an audit meeting in order to help the company and the consultant stay on track. Audit meetings are generally two days in duration.
  3. S&T Review.
S&T Reviews typically take place 12-24 months after constructing the original tree (or when the market conditions have changed significantly), in order to ensure the company continues to have an appropriate path for ongoing growth and stability.


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