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Participants, location and duration:

  1. Facilitators:
    • The Goldratt S&T Workshop is facilitated by one or more senior Goldratt Consulting TOC, S&T and Viable Vision experts.
  2. Participants:
    • The consultant
    • 4-6 key people from various relevant functions of the client's company
  3. Translators:
    • The workshop is conducted in English (or Hebrew if desired). If translators are needed, they are provided by the consultant or the client company.
  4. Duration:
    • One week for companies with revenues up to $20m USD
    • Two consecutive weeks for companies larger than $20m USD
    • The last day of the workshop is designed for the consultant only, and is devoted to equip the consultant with specific tools, and to share experience.
  1. Location:

Goldratt House, the global headquarters of Goldratt Group.

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