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A Carefully Thought Out Engagement Process

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The Goldratt Consulting engagement process provides companies the ability to thoroughly evaluate Viable Vision.

Implementing a fundamental change that aims to bring a company to become ever-Flourishing requires true commitment to the objective. True commitment is based on deep understanding and sincere consensus among the people leading the change.

Introduction Phase

The objective of this stage is to reach an understanding on the direction of the solution that would potentially bring the company to become ever-Flourishing. during the introductory meetings, we identify the direction of the Viable Vision solution for the company and the possibility of reaching profitability levels currently considered unattainable.

Evaluation Phase

The objective of this stage is to reach an understanding on the applicability of the relevant generic TOC elements to the company’s environment. during this stage, the company dedicates people to evaluate the relevant TOC know-how in greater depth and assess its capability to bring the company to unprecedented performance levels.

Consensus Phase

The objective of this stage is to reach a true consensus on the specific Viable Vision solution and its implementation. during this stage the Viable Vision Strategy & Tactic Tree for the company is constructed and scrutinized in great depth. The result of this phase is a clear road map for implementation supported by the needed logic to foster true consensus and commitment.

Implementation Phase

The objective of this stage is to achieve the Viable Vision. during this stage, a team of Goldratt Consulting Viable Vision experts and resources (Project leader, Application experts, software, materials) would jointly work with your company to implement the agreed-upon Strategy & Tactic tree. The result of this stage is an ever-Flourishing company.
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