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TOC for the Ever Flourishing Company

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You are invited to learn the power of Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt's well known Theory of Constraints (TOC) to become an Ever Flourishing Company – a company which continuously and significantly increases value for employees, customers and shareholders.

Attendees of the TOC for the Ever Flourishing Company workshop will gain:

  • Major insights into what actually constrains your organization from immediately generating much more sales and ongoing growth in revenues and profits.
  • A roadmap to develop the necessary skills that would overcome internal and external constraints, and insulate your company from fluctuating market conditions.
  • The knowledge of what it will take to achieve immediate bottom-line results while fostering unprecedented communication and synchronized performance among functions and management levels.


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The Ever Flourishing Program is held in various regions throughout the year.
See below for upcoming dates and locations,
as well as contact details for more information about the program. 



India , Bangalore :  


April -11th- 2014


Workshop Brochure


For details:





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