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About Goldratt Consulting

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Goldratt Consulting is not a typical consultancy, because:

  • We only work with companies that commit to reaching a level of performance they had previously considered unattainable.

  • We only implement solutions that bring such performance without compromising long term for short term or one stakeholder group for another (shareholders, management, employees, and customers).

  • Instead of hourly or daily rates, our fees are based on the mutually agreed financial value that is generated through our efforts.

  • The vast majority of payments are set to the client reaching profitability levels currently considered unattainable.
Goldratt Consulting paves the way for companies to immediately accelerate cash flow and profits, and with the same actions strengthen the company for exponential growth.

Our clients enjoy substantial increased liquidity within weeks and ongoing growth in profitability.

Our approach is based on Theory of Constraints - the time tested, logical, common sense solutions introduced by Dr. Eli Goldratt 25 years ago in his book, The Goal, which is still a best-seller today.  Dr. Goldratt founded Goldratt Consulting as part of The Goldratt Group in 2003. The company is headquartered in Israel and represented in every continent. Our leadership roster contains the most highly renowned TOC experts in the world.

With Dr. Goldratt as its’ Founder and Chairman, Goldratt Consulting implements the most developed, updated, and tested TOC body of knowledge, providing a synergy of its various applications to bring companies a holistic solution that delivers unprecedented performance and bottom line results.

If you would like to learn how Goldratt Consulting can help your business reach new heights of performance, contact us to schedule a free initial evaluation with a Goldratt Executive.

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