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Goldratt Consulting paves the way for companies to immediately accelerate cash flow and profits, and with the same actions strengthen the company for exponential growth. 




Mazda Executive Credits Theory of Constraints for Company Turnaround


Mr. Mitsuo Hitomi, Executive Officer from the Mazda Motor Corporation Power Train Development Division presented the opening keynote address at the Theory of Constraints International Certification Organization conference on how Critical Chain Project Management enabled Mazda to quickly develop their innovative SkyActiv capability.


Rami Goldratt, CEO of Goldratt Consulting: "Mazda gives the world another great example of the power of TOC to generate results previously thought not possible - financially, operationally, and at least as importantly, in the growth and harmony of the people themselves.“


Mazda TOC press release

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 Happy New Year From All Of Us At Goldratt Consulting !


The Choice To Be Ever-Flourishing

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India , Bangalore :  


April -11th- 2014


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